Freezer Meals

So I found this great blog to make freezer meals (Baked In The South).  It is a 6 part freezer meal series.  It is something I have always wanted to do, so I finally jumped in this past weekend.  The hubby and I prepared dinner for everyday this week within 1 hour (after shopping).  All I have to do is grab dinner from freezer, thaw in microwave for 40 seconds (so I can get out of bag), and pop into crock pot/set/and run away!

We have our very first freezer crockpot meal cooking for tonight.  I hope it is good.  We spent 60 bucks on ingredients we didn’t have to make 5 meals.  The meals are suppose to serve 2-3 adults.  So it will be perfect for our little family of 3.





Tonight’s dinner straight from the freezer

Today, I decided, why not keep my mind busy and prepare another 5 meals for next week.  I printed out the grocery list, figured out what we had and didn’t have and went shopping.  This time I went to Walmart and got away with spending $45.00 on stuff we didn’t already have to make these new recipes.  I am super excited to try these out and to have more home cooked meals.  We honestly eat out way too much!

So what you really want to know, while I was at Walmart I also picked up a FRER.  It was another BFN.  On the positive side, FRER is really cheap at Walmart.  Actually a box of three were cheaper than the box of 2 I bought this morning of CVS brand.  I forgot how cheap Walmart is.  I literally only go there a handful of times in a year.  Maybe because it is a little evil and it’s just outside the liberal college town I live in haha but I love their prices for sure!

Anyway, I better stop blogging and get cooking while G is asleep!

Going to get my hair did tonight! Super pumped.




2 thoughts on “Freezer Meals

  1. Alex says:

    I need to get going on these crockpot meals. I love make ahead freezer stuff and I always try to make 2 batches of everything so that I have some stocked up. Yours look so good!


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